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Pixel Play™ (2P Arcade)


Water Gun Fun Pixel Play™ (2 Player Arcade Version)

Water is what we do best! Another great NEW custom water game with multiple targets and unique water guns. A for sure popularity winner and revenue producer for any operation.


• BSR's dependable and easily serviced electronics

• Multiple Targets

• Self contained and easy to maintain water system

• New custom themeing game features

Whopper Water FEC

As one of Bob's Space Racers tallest games with toys that go as high as 16', this game is definitely a showstopper and sure to get your customer's attention.

Designed for bigger arcades or family entertainment centers looking for "Big Revenue". The best of BSR in a small footprint. Top grossing revenue game system that dispenses a value coupon to be redeemed for prizes. The Whopper Water FEC™ can merchandise a facility and create a "prize frenzy" like no other arcade game. 

• Self contained, easily maintained water system

Hang Time™

This timed hanging game comes in standard modes with adjustable play options and game modes. BSR has taken the classic hanging game and upgraded all aspects of it:

• Motor controlled bar height.

• No steps required! The bar will lift the customer off the floor.

• Built-in sensors control bar height and stop the digital timer automatically.

• Safety measures to protect the customer.

• Electronically controlled sounds and spiels to draw the customers to the game.

• Operator and Customer “Easy-Play” features.

• Built-in accounting system to track players and revenue.

• Low maintenance with easy access components.

Pixel Play™

Pixel Play™ Water Gun Fun™ is our newest vertical water game variant where players race their game characters up the track for the win! Attractive, colorful and bright, Pixel Play™ Water Gun Fun™ will thrill your customers!

• Designed with our most advanced electronics for even simpler troubleshooting and repair!


• Multiple targets with progressive speed. • Includes BSR’s specially designed “Prize Lift” system!


• Includes a self contained & easy to maintain water system.

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