Roll-A-Ball™ FEC Game

This FEC, attendant free, game allows for an enjoyable experience for all ages!

The Roll-A-Ball FEC Game presents guests with a quick-paced, exciting game that does not require a game operator. 

As the game begins, a ball is dispensed and the guests must roll the ball down the lane into one of three different speed zones at the end of the lane. The higher the zone that the guest rolls, the faster the guest's character moves towards the finish line. The guest who reaches the finish line first, wins. 


Programmable game settings and options provide a multitude of game play options and styles.


Game Features:

  • The game will automatically start and end on its own - no operator needed!
  • Electronically controlled and flexible game settings and options.
  • Distributes a specialty 2" x 4" ticket that can be exchanged for a prize or collected to trade for larger prizes!
Roll-A-Ball™ FEC Game
Power Requirements


110V ±10V / 60Hz / 6.00A


110V ±10V / 60Hz / 3.00A

Crate Specifications

Crate One: 

1,489 lbs. (675.40 kg)

L: 161 in. (408.94 cm)

W: 68 in. (172.72 cm)

H: 60 in. (152.40 cm)


Crate Two:

831 lbs. (376.93 kg)

L: 160 in. (406.40 cm)

W: 44 in. (111.76 cm)

H: 74 in. (187.96 cm)


Crate Three: 

170 lbs. (77.11 kg)

L: 51 in. (129.54 cm)

W: 34 in. (86.36 cm)

H: 26 in. (66.04 cm)


Product Dimensions


L: 154.13 in. (391.50 cm)

W: 105.50 in. (297.9 cm)

H: 98.25 in. (249.50 cm)

Roll A Ball Side View Inverted Game DimensionsRoll A Ball Front View Inverted Game Dimensions

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  • Custom Roll-A-Ball FEC
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