Hang Time™

2019 IAAPA Brass Ring Award Winner: Best New Product in Games and Devices (Midway Games and Equipment)

Hang on tight and don’t let go! Bob’s Space Racers has taken the classic hanging game and upgraded all aspects of it! This timed hanging game comes in standard models with adjustable play options and game modes, along with a multitude of designs.

The game begins when the guest grabs the bar. As the guest holds on, the timer starts, and the bar raises until it gets to a predetermined height. The guest must hold onto the bar for as long as they can. The longer they stay on, the larger the prize they win!

Hang Time is available in a multitude of different style options to best fit your location:

  • 1 Player Hang Time Standard
  • 1 Player Hang Time Deluxe with Light Trim
  • 1 Player Hang Time Deluxe with XL Lighted Marquee
  • 2 Player Hang Time Standard
  • 2 Player Hang Time Deluxe with Light Trim
  • 2 Player Hang Time Deluxe with XL Lighted Marquee

Game Features:

  • Motor controlled bar height
  • No steps required! The bar lifts the guest off the floor
  • Built-in sensors control bar height and start/stop the digital timer automatically
  • Safety measures are in place to protect the customer
  • Electronically controlled sounds and spiels to draw the customers to the game
  • Includes operator and customer “easy-play” features
  • Built-in accounting system to track players and revenue
  • Low maintenance with easy access components
Hang Time™


2 Player Version

120V / 27A

Single Player Version

120V / 3.5A / 1620W


2 Player Version

22V / 13.5A

Single Player Version

220V / 3.5A / 1620W


Click here for GAME SPECIFICATIONS SHEET (Printable)

2 Player Version Deluxe Version (without Side Grid)

L: 12’- 5 1/4"

W: 3’- 8"

H: 13’-5/8"

Single Player Version

L: 9’- 8 3/8"

W: 3’- 8"

H: 13’- 5/8"

HT Models

Downloadable Manual
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