Bob’s Space Racers ‘Hang Time’ is a Real Challenge

Bob’s Space Racers ‘Hang Time’ is a Real Challenge

by July 8, 2019 Frank 'the Crank's Daily News

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Hang Time a time hanging by your arms game, and comes in standard modes with adjustable play options and game modes. The key is ‘it is harder than it looks’. Anyone thinks they can beat the clock.

BSR has taken the classic hanging game and upgraded all aspects:

  • Available in both Single and Double Model Types.
  • Three different versions for both the Single and Double Models: Basic Game, Deluxe Game, and Deluxe Game with Large Marquee
  • Motor controlled bar height.
  • No steps required! The bar lifts the player off the floor.
  • Built-in sensors control bar height and stop the digital timer automatically.
  • Safety measures to protect the player.
  • Electronically controlled sounds and spiels to draw the crowds and ‘takers’ to the game.
  • Operator and Customer “Easy-Play” features.
  • Built-in accounting system to track players and revenue.
  • Low maintenance with easy access components.
  • The Two Player Model has a competitive play feature, whereas you’re not competing against the clock, but trying to hold on longer than the other player! This adds a whole NEW dynamic to the game!

Hang Time Game

What this could mean?

 We first saw ‘Hang Time’ at Amusement Expo International 2019. A BSR attendee challenged passers-by to see if they could ‘hang’ for 2 minutes and awarded a very appealing plush prize to the winners. It was a lot of fun just to watch the cocky young players with their smirk smiles as they believed this was so easy. But 120 seconds is a long time, especially with the crowd looking on. I recall one very fit individual who actually dropped with only 2 seconds left.

BSR has done it again, and that is building a game that could last for 100 years. As simple as it gets, and yet as challenging as could be. Here is a game where a young teen could beat the Olympic Gold Medal Decathlon Champ!


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