Whopper Water™

2014 ASI Middle East Operator's Choice Award: Best Multiplayer Attraction

Water is what we do best! Being the tallest on Bob’s Space Racers’ shop floor, Whopper Water is a for-sure showstopper! With its adjustable telescopic height, visibility is a thing of the past! Whopper Water can be seen from a great distance and draw the attention of the crowd.

Guests must aim at the backlit target with their water gun. As they shoot the target, watch as the character reaches the sky! The first guest to reach the very top wins!

Game Features:

  • Completely customizable to best suit your location
  • Includes all-new computer designed patented “Bob’s Space Racers’ Prize Lift System”
  • Designed for simple operation
  • Includes self-contained water system
  • Complete game accounting system
  • Bob’s Space Racers’ dependable and easily serviceable electronics

Available Options:

  • Running lights
  • Wireless microphone system
Whopper Water™
Product Dimensions

Multiple Configurations Available: up to 12 units

W: 133.13 in. (338.15 cm)

H: 192 in. (487.68 cm)

8-Unit Model: 

L: 234 in. (594.36 cm)

Whopper Water Top View Inverted Game Dimensions

Whopper Water Side View Inverted Game Dimensions

Power Requirements


Water Pump Power: 220V / 20A

Game Power: 110V ±10V / 8A / 960W / 60Hz


Water Pump Power: 220V / 20A

Game Power: 220V ±10V / 5A / 1100W / 50/60Hz

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