Water Gun Fun™ FEC

A well-known classic is now ATTENDANT FREE! Water Gun Fun FEC is designed and priced for bigger arcades that are looking for “Big Revenue,” and does not require an operator.  

The guests must take aim and shoot streams of water from their water gun to the backlit target(s). As they do so, the light bar on the LED channel fills as they continue to shoot their orange target. The first to the top of their light bar wins! At the sound of the buzzer, a special 4-inch prize ticket dispenses for unique prize redemption abilities, which comes standard with all games.


Games Features:

  • Top grossing revenue game system
  • This game can be customized with:
    • Colors
    • Artwork
    • Theme
  • Can merchandise a facility and creates a “prize frenzy” like no other arcade game
  • Self-contained, easily maintained water system
  • Easy Installation without specialized assistance
  • Includes Bob’s Space Racers’ dependable and easily serviceable electronics
  • Available with optional Tri-Targets
Water Gun Fun™ FEC
Power Requirements


Game Power: 110V ±10V / 60Hz / 5.00A

Pump Power: 110V ±10V / 60Hz / 9.60A



Game Power: 220V / 50/60Hz / 3.00A

Pump Power: 220V / 50/60Hz / 4.95A

Crate Specifications

Crate One: 

1463 lbs. (663.61 kg)

L: 128 in. (325.12 cm)

W: 54 in. (137.16 cm)

H: 92 in. (233.68 cm)


Crate Two: 

348 lbs. (157.85 kg)

L: 128 in. (325.12 cm)

W: 46 in. (116.84 cm)

H: 34 in. (86.36 cm)


Crate Three: 

754 lbs. (342.01 kg)

L: 128 in. (325.12 cm)

W: 46 in. (116.84 cm)

H: 52 in. (132.08 cm)


Product Dimensions

L: 120 in. (304.80 cm)

W: 82.50 in. (209.55 cm)

H: 114.25 in. (290.20 cm)

5 Player Water Gun Fun Product Dimensions 

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  • Image
  • Image
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