Stinky Feet™

Bob’s Space Racers is lathering up fun with the creative and exciting game, Stinky Feet™! The unique design of the Stinky Feet™ water race game draws the attention of your guests. This lighted, multiple target water game allows for easy gameplay that brings fun to any age!

Aim at the stinky feet or the bar of soap to make the LED lights move up the light channel. The first to get to the top of the LED light channel wins!

Game Features:

  • Available in both group and arcade models
  • Available in all boy characters, all duck characters, or a combination of the two
  • Incorporates a unique bathtub theme
  • Water guns are replicas of bathtub faucets, and the seats resemble toilets
  • Bob’s Space Racers’ dependable and easily serviceable electronics

Available Options: 

  • Running lights
  • Wireless microphone system
Stinky Feet™
Product Dimensions

Available in a multitude of sizes: up to 12 units

W: 139 in. (353.06 cm)

H: 132 in. (335.28 cm)

Stinky Feet Side View Inverted Game Dimensions

6-Units Model: 

Stinky Feet Front View Inverted Game Dimensions

Power Requirements


Water Pump Power: 220V / 20A

Game Power: 110V ±10V / 20A


Water Pump Power: 220V / 20A

Game Power: 220V / 10A

Downloadable Manuals
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