Pixel Play™ Water Gun Fun™ FEC

The original Water Gun Fun™ game, but with a fun redesign! The Pixel Play™ Water Gun Fun™ operates without the need of an attendant but continues to provide fun for all ages and the chance of winning a prize!

The guest will take a seat, take aim, and shoot at the light-up targets. As the guests hit the targets, the light bar above the target rises. It is a race to the top! The first to reach the top of their bar wins! This game comes standard with a special 4-inch prize ticket for unique prize redemption abilities.

Game Features:

  • Can merchandise a facility and creates a “prize frenzy” like no other arcade game
  • Includes Bob’s Space Racers’ dependable and easily serviceable electronics
  • Self-contained, easily maintained water system
  • Pre-wired for any card swipe installation
Pixel Play™ Water Gun Fun™ FEC
Power Requirements


Game Power: 110V ±10V / 60Hz / 6.00A

Pump Power: 110V ±10V / 60Hz / 9.60A



Game Power: 220V / 50/60Hz / 3.00A

Pump Power: 220V / 50/60Hz / 4.95A

Crate Specifications

Crate One: 

1275 lbs. (578.33 kg)

L: 128 in. (325.12 cm)

W: 54 in. (137.16 cm)

H: 92 in. (233.68 cm)


Crate Two: 

379 lbs. (171.91 kg)

L: 128 in. (325.12 cm)

W: 46 in. (116.84 cm)

H: 34 in. (86.36 cm)


Crate Three: 

743 lbs. (337.02 kg)

L: 128 in. (325.12 cm)

W: 46in. (116.84 cm)

H: 51 in. (129.54 cm)

Product Dimensions


L: 120 in. (304.80 cm)

W: 85.63 in. (217.50 cm)

H: 116.25 in. (295.28 cm)

Pixel Play FEC Inverted Game Dimensions

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