Stinky Feet™ FEC

A fun twist has been added to the classic water gun game! This attendant free game provides family fun for all while being quick-paced and entertaining.

Take a seat, grab the handle, and get washing! Aim for one of the three glowing targets located on the two feet and the bar of soap as quick as you can before the other players. The location of the light automatically changes as the game progresses, so keep an eye out for where it goes next. Watch as the light-up bar above the characters’ heads rise. The first to have their light-up bar reach the top wins! This game comes standard with a special 4-inch prize ticket for unique prize redemption abilities.

Game Features:

  • A Bob’s Space Racers proven concept
  • Available in multiple character configurations: All Boy, All Duck, and combination Boy/Duck
  • Custom prize display cabinets
  • Its fun look allows for instant player recognition
  • Ready for any card swipe installation


Stinky Feet™ FEC


Power Requirements


Game Power: 110V ±10V / 60Hz / 10.00A

Notes: 1200W

Pump Power: 110V ±10V / 60Hz / 9.60A

Notes: 1152W, 1/2hp PUMP



Game Power: 220V / 50/60Hz / 4.00A

Notes: 880W

Pump Power:  220V / 50/60Hz / 4.95A

Notes: 2112W, 1/2hp PUMP

Crate Specifications

Crate One: 

L: 114 in. (289.56 cm)

W: 74 in. (187.96 cm)


Crate Two: 

L: 114 in. (289.56 cm)

W: 38 in. (96.52 cm)


Crate Three: 

L: 114 in. (289.56 cm)

W: 42 in. (106.68 cm)


Crate Four: 

L: 52 in. (132.08 cm)

W: 35 in. (88.90 cm)

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