Park Models

Bob's Space Racers Park Model games blend tried and true performance with modern electronics and features.

Our Park Model games are fully customizable with complete choices of colors, themes, toys, player positions and layout configurations. Electronics with self-diagnostic features and back-up systems keep you running while full accounting features record an array of management tools. Show us your location needs and BSR can place a proven moneymaker into your facility!



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Hang Time™
Hang Time™ Arrow
Tube Dash Splash™
Tube Dash Splash™ Arrow
Pixel Play™
Pixel Play™ Arrow
Jumpin' Monkeys
Jumpin' Monkeys Arrow
Football Pass Challenge™
Football Pass Challenge™ Arrow
Clownin' Around™ Water Game
Clownin' Around™ Water Game Arrow
Soccer Challenge
Soccer Challenge Arrow
Striker Arrow
Strike Zone
Strike Zone Arrow
Stinky Feet
Stinky Feet Arrow
Lucky Duck
Lucky Duck Arrow
Balloon Bust
Balloon Bust Arrow
Bazooka Blast
Bazooka Blast Arrow
Flat Top Derby
Flat Top Derby Arrow
Fishin' Hole
Fishin' Hole Arrow
Balloon Pop Water Race Game
Balloon Pop Water Race Game Arrow
Lights Up!
Lights Up! Arrow
Ramped Water Race
Ramped Water Race Arrow
Rising Waters
Rising Waters Arrow
Top Glo 2 Water Race
Top Glo 2 Water Race Arrow
Top Glo Water Race
Top Glo Water Race Arrow
Whac-a-Mole Arrow
Whopper Water
Whopper Water Arrow
Vertical Water
Vertical Water Arrow
Roll-A-Ball Arrow
Plink Drop™
Plink Drop™ Arrow
Short Range Basketball
Short Range Basketball Arrow
Long Range Basketball
Long Range Basketball Arrow
Ring Toss
Ring Toss Arrow
Tub Toss
Tub Toss Arrow
Balloon Dart
Balloon Dart Arrow
Goblet Toss
Goblet Toss Arrow
Can Smash™
Can Smash™ Arrow
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