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Pixel Play™
Pixel Punch™ is our newest vertical water game variant where players race their game characters up the track for the win! Attractive, colorful and bright, Pixel Punch™ Water Gun Fun™ will thrill your customers!

• Designed with our most advanced electronics for even simpler troubleshooting and repair!
• Multiple targets with progressive speed. • Includes BSR’s specially designed “Prize Lift” system!
• Includes a self contained & easy to maintain water system.

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Tube Dash Splash™
Tube Dash Splash™ combines the fun of a water game with our new sloped track field! Customers compete to race their characters down to the finish! Every Tube Dash™ Splash Game can be customized and themed to your needs!

• Designed with our most advanced BSR-3000 electronics system for even simpler troubleshooting and repair!
• Designed with a self-contained, easy to maintain water system!
• Complete game accounting system.

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Plink Drop™
You’ll see the crowd’s line up as customers “plink” their way to prizes! This nine-slot version of the classic game is perfect for events, promotions or as a standalone game! The strategy is simple, players place a chip against the board, drop it, and it bounces through the maze before landing in a slot where you are awarded a prize!
• Customize your Plinko™ game to your specifications!
• Removable board inserts allow for easy theme change!
• Plexi-glass is added to the bottom of the board and makes changing out the prize slot amounts a breeze!
• All-weather metal frame for worry-free maintenance upkeep!

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Football Pass Challenge™
You are the starting quarterback while testing your accuracy and arm strength as you try to throw footballs to your receiver! Football is one of America’s favorite past times! Everyone can throw a ball, the question is how fast and how accurate can they throw it. There is no more guessing when you step right up for the Football Pass Challenge™! Each player has a time limit to get their passes to the player to increase their score!

Football Pass Challenge™ comes with:
•BSR’s advanced yet simple-to-service electronics!
•Multiple game play options with player timer!
•Automatic ball scoring sensors!

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Jumpin' Monkeys
Park Model
BSR's brand NEW group game, different, colorful, engaging, and fun to play for all ages! Simply push the button to make your monkey jump the rope. The more you jump the higher your score. Watch it, feel it, play it, and start jumping your monkey in an all new challenging and addicting game!
• BSR's dependable and easily serviceable electronics
• Complete game Accounting System
• Optional game heights available
• Custom themeing available

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Clownin' Around™ Water Game
Park Model
Water is what we do best! Another great NEW custom water game with multiple targets and unique clown fish water guns. A for sure popularity winner and revenue producer for any operation.
• BSR's dependable and easily serviced electronics
• Complete game Accounting System
• Multiple Targets with progressive speed
• Self contained easy to maintain water system
• New custom themeing game features
• Other custom themeing available

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Soccer Challenge
Park Model
It's Soccer in the US and Futbol to the world, but no matter the name it's player interaction at its finest! Step up and test your kicking skills! Place the ball and aim for the goal target, kick it past the moving goalie and into the goal to score!
• BSR's dependable and easily serviceable electronics
• Multiple game play options with player timer
• Automatic goal scoring sensors
• Custom themeing available

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Puppy Jump
Arcade Model
All kids love to jump rope! Simple, easy game play, push the button and Jump Puppy Jump! Kids of all ages will play Puppy Jump!

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Strike Zone
Park Model
• A new shooting game, but this time without water. • Proven firing system that shoots small plastic balls at the targets. • 10 lit target holes to aim at per player. • Easy & Fun to play for all ages

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Bob's Fishin' Hole
Park Model
Leave the pole and the bait at home, grab a net and dip in! Catch a big one, place it on the scale and let's see what you won! It's that simple! Our fun fish have RF chips that are read the moment they are placed on the scale. It's simple, easy game play for everyone of all ages!

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3-in-1 Rental Market Trailer
Event Equipment
BSR now builds a 3 in 1 rental trailer which includes a 6 unit Water Game, Short Range Basketball and Goblet Toss for your Party & Event rental needs. *We can also custom build it to meet your needs for any occasion.

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